Why live in the northern suburbs? Who hasn’t already asked themselves this existential question!

Our real estate brokers will be happy to help you discover the North Shore, a region that deserves to be known. Coming out of Montreal, from Laval to Saint-Jérôme and maybe further, these cities are all beautiful. They all have the same thing in common: the attachment that new residents develop very quickly.

But why is living in the suburbs so different? Your real estate agent will tell you that there is a quality of life that cannot be bought, green bike paths, green parks, neighborhood schools. The air we breathe is so different, it has a smell, you know that smell we get when it rains, the smell of fresh air filled with oxygen.

Quality of life

Having a quality of life is priceless, we know that each person has different criteria according to their family life rhythm. This is why we are the best real estate agents to advise you and propose the purchase of your future family home that will meet your expectations on the North Shore. Whether you choose Laval, Blainville, Saint-Jérôme or Mirabel, we will work with you and our top priority is to listen to your needs.

Every city is different, but living on the North Shore is a completely different energy compared to the urban environment. Don’t be surprised to find that in some cities like St. Jerome, it’s often quieter than your seasonal campground. Hearing the frogs in the spring is magical and so relaxing.


We know that changing environment is not easy for the family. Our children need to have a stable environment and that is why our real estate agents will accompany you to evaluate your needs and make sure that your expectations are met. Whether you are alone, a couple or a family, our real estate agents are there for you.

The neighborhood school, we can not hide you that the students who attend schools in the suburbs live a lot of proximity with their friends and their teachers. Seeing your child’s happy face as they pass their teacher at the supermarket is also part of the joys of suburban life.

You gain in value

Homes sold in the suburbs are much more affordable when compared on a per square foot basis. School and municipal taxes are often lower, which is advantageous. In addition, you have the opportunity to choose a home with a large lot and nearby amenities. Owning a home in the northern suburbs is like having a cottage in the north, which means one less house to maintain. You also have the possibility of getting around by public transportation.

In conclusion, living in the suburbs is a wise choice for all the reasons listed above.

If you are looking for your perfect property, contact our real estate brokers without further delay.