The Montreal suburbs to the north are collectively referred to as the North Shore. In opposition to the Island of Montreal and Île Jésus, the North Shore is found in southwest Quebec on the northern borders of the Rivière des Prairies and the Rivière des Mille Îles.

The Filteau team believes that buying a house in the North Shore is an excellent idea! keep reading to find out more about this stunning area, located just north of Quebec.

The North shore of Quebec is divided into two tourist regions; Duplessis and Manicouagan.

  • Duplessis: The Duplessis region is renowned for the size of its wilderness and outdoor activities. The region plays host to the boreal forests, beaches and islands, allowing a plethora of outdoor pursuits like kiteboarding, hiking and exploring the surroundings abundant natural resources and biodiversity.

It is a prized location for fishing and hunting and well-known for its snowkiting and snowmobile paths throughout the winter. Duplessis provides a wide demographic, including old fishing villages, vibrant, modern cities, aboriginal settlements as well as a few English-speaking zones.

  • Manicouagan : The picturesque Saguenay Fjord is framed by cliffs on the shore of the Manicouagan area, which overlooks the great St. Lawrence River. The region is known for its copious amount of wildlife. 175 bird species can be found in its salt marshes, salmon fishways and whales can be seen swimming in the rivers. Manicouagan also has many deep lakes, the immense boreal forest, and boiling rivers for the outdoor adventurer.

This gorgeous setting gave rise to a hydroelectric empire that is ruled by the Daniel-Johnson Dam, the greatest multi-vaulted dam in the whole world. This location spans a large section of wilderness and is perfect for hiking, camping, scuba diving, sea kayaking, hunting, fishing, and snowmobiling.

North Shore: Activities & Outdoor Recreation

Winter Sports & Activities: The region is a recognized destination for kitesurfing and snowkiting enthusiasts. In winter, it is a paradise for snowmobilers because it includes a network of trails of more than 2,000 km, including the “White Road” along the coast and in the hinterland.

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Other winter activities include downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice climbing, ice fishing, and dog sledding. Other seasons also offer a wide range of walks and excursions by car, coach, bike, or boat, such as the Whale Route or the scenic route of Chicoutai, to discover the beauties and variety of regional landscapes.

Hiking Trails: Several hiking routes are part of the Manicouagan, including the Pointe Saint-Gilles in Baie-Comeau, which features sculptures and explanatory panels placed along its path. You can also travel by bicycle or horseback. Great hiking and wilderness destinations include the Monts Groulx.

Local Food and Specialties: Seafood, such as sea scallops and fish, game meat, wild berries that are hand-processed into syrups and jams, are only some of the few of the North Shore’s culinary specialties. There are many different restaurants that will feature a variety of these products and you can find them in every city. 

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Of course, there are many fish markets in the area that sell freshly caught seafood. A visit to a maple plantation is another intriguing gastronomic activity.

Whale Watching : Along the North Shore’s coastlines, marine mammals can be spotted frequently. From the middle of May to the end of October, whales can be seen in local waters. 

The most stunning whale-watching location in the world is accessible from Tadoussac, which is located at the meeting point of the St. Lawrence River and the spectacular Saguenay Fjord.


Residents of the North Shore have reported that moving to the region has greatly improved their own quality of life as well as that of their children.

Taxes for schools and local governments are frequently lower, which is very beneficial. Also, there is the option of buying a house with convenient facilities. 

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